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Weiler® Fryers
Weiler® Fryers
Weiler® Fryers
Weiler® Fryers


Weiler® Fryers

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Weiler® transforms the industry with an innovative line of Fryers. With length, width and applications tailored to your specific needs, these high-quality systems lower energy consumption, optimize product quality and maximize your return on investment.


  • Electrolytic polished heat exchanger
  • Submerge belt driven by the same motor as the main conveyor
  • Scraper belt for continues sediment removal    
  • Sieve plate to filter the oil during the frying process
  • Easy to control from a touchscreen display
  • Electric cabinet with hygienic locks and a pitched roof
  • Adjustable belt speed/frying
  • Insulated frying bin with an inclined bottom
  • Four electrically driven columns to lift the hood, hygienic design, low maintenance
  • Water seals around the whole oil bath to keep the cooking vapors inside the machine
  • Heavy-duty, hygienic and ergonomic designed, easy to clean