Garvey Automatic Vial Dryer


Garvey Automatic Vial Dryer

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The Garvey Automatic Vial Dryer can reduce vial drying times from up to 48 hours to as little as 15 minutes.

Temperature-sensitive products in a cold chain, like vaccines, must be kept under the proper conditions to maintain their potency. Any time a product is removed from the cold chain and exposed to higher temperature, its potency may decrease.

When the vial is removed from the cold storage, condensation forms on the outside of the vials. This moisture not only makes visual inspection very difficult, but it also interferes with label adhesion. The current solution, in most facilities, is to move the batch of vials into a conditioning room for up to 48 hours to allow the condensation to dissipate. This extended time out of the cold chain has nothing but negative effects on the product. Garvey’s innovative solution combines their patented pressure-less loop technology with a high-volume laminar flow accumulator, to dry the vials and feed them in a single file to a labeler or inspection machine at rates up to 800 vials per minute. This is the fastest out-feed rate in the industry and this entire process is completed in less than 15 minutes. The Automatic Vial Dryer utilizes a modular design and can be configured to fit in even the tightest production line layouts.