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Provisions ERP software helps protein and specialty food processors and distributors improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize profitability. From order entry and inventory control to recipe management, production processing and delivery, Provisions provides total visibility of your business to help you work more productively.

Provisions improves inventory control, pinpoints production costs, and helps you respond quickly to a food safety issue. Convenient, easy-to-use tools help meet the challenges that food businesses face every day.

Provisions provides real-time, 24/7 warehouse and freezer visibility to help lower inventory costs. Wireless, hand-held mobile PCs and barcode scanners track inventory from receipt of raw materials to the shipping of finished goods. Each time a lot is moved or transferred, Provisions records it, so you always know the age of product and how long it has been in storage.

Provisions provides state-of-the-art processing and production capabilities. Production workstations, integrated electronic scales, and bar code scanners and label printers maximize efficiency, help monitor production yields, and eliminate manually entered shipped weights for every order.

Provisions' Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module provides a just-in-time inventory solution that integrates sales, manufacturing, and purchasing activities so you can reduce inventory carrying costs. You get a complete roadmap of what’s needed and when based on production capacity, resources, minimum inventories and  vendor lead times. Convenient recipe tools help manage ingredients, quantities, costs, labor, and packaging materials to keep your recipes current. Barcode label printing and scanning lets you move raw material and finished foods into and out of production for visibility of costs and yields.