M2 Injector
M2 Injector
M2 Injector
M2 Injector


M2 Injector

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The Fomaco M2 Injector is a sturdy, extremely durable, high performance machine designed to work in a highly demanding and aggressive production environment.

The M2 is not only reliable but requires a minimum of maintenance. With the M2, you will be able to handle all meat types, both bone-in and boneless, and at the same time meet the demand for low and high injection levels.

  • Accurate injection and minimal return brine
  • Consistent brine distribution
  • Maximum control
  • No blocked needles
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly 

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Technical Specifications

  • Injectors from 26-54 needles
  • Needle heads move at 20-90 strokes per minute
  • Transport systems with stainless steal or plastic (PEHD, Intralox) conveyor belt
  • Transport system widths from 350-700mm
  • Product movement of 30 mm and 50 mm per stroke
  • Stroke height of 230mm
  • Product height of 200mm
  • Machine weight from 700-850kg