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Vacuum tumbling, a process patented by Lutetia® and perfected over many years, has helped thousands of processors around the world to increase performance and profit. Provisur’s Lutetia brand tumblers improve productivity by allowing the consolidation of multiple processes. Add color, flavor, and aroma to products in one operation. Additional productivity gains can be attributed to Lutetia's exclusive paddle design. This feature helps maximize homogeneity, assuring the consistency of salt, smoke and brine throughout every batch.  Through Lutetia’s unparalleled understanding of the interactions of vacuum, temperature, mechanical action and time control, Provisur customers gain undisputed benefits in product quality and process efficiency.

Available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your volume requirements, Lutetia tumblers are used in applications as diverse as defrosting, rehydrating, cryogenic cooling, freezing or coating, steam or dry cooking, PROactivation, tenderizing, liquid smoke and traditional smoking, drying and more.  Processes can be initiated individually or combined, making it one of the most versatile machines in the industry.


Fast and homogeneous distribution of ingredients from the surface right to the core of the product: 

  • Helicoidal baffle for better distribution without over processing
  • Absorption of brine to the fiber's core on through vacuum enhanced hydrodynamic mechanisms
  • Accelerated fluid exchanges at the product surface

Optimization of protein functionality: 

  • The protein-water bond is strengthened
  • Soluble proteins are extracted and functionally available
  • Formation of natural protein binders
  • Color development and stability is improved
  • Hygienic design helps protect against microbial growth
  • The conveniently operated door allows easy cleaning and visual inspection
  • The optional double jacket provides heating and cooling control that is precise and timesaving