Learning Management System
Learning Management System
Learning Management System
Learning Management System

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Learning Management System

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The Drive EHS learning management system (LMS) brings your employee safety training program online, giving you more control over your to-do lists. 

Drive EHS Benefits

Assign Training

Automatically assign training by job requirement, employee status, department, and more.

Generate Reports

Effortlessly report on training credentials, compliance status,  training history, and more.

Organize Records

Be prepared for audits and inspections with an easy-to-use digital recordkeeping system.


Select from a vast training library

Get unlimited access to 55+ online safety courses to meet your specific needs. 

Host your internal training courses

Host, assign, and track your internally-developed courses or have our team of EHS professionals design custom courses for you.

Stay compliant

Quickly generate reports and identify action items to gain regulatory compliance. 

Automate reminders

View the training status of your entire workforce and automatically send reminders when employee training is overdue.

Deliver bilingual courses

Deliver courses in both English and Spanish when available.

Enable on the go safety training

Complete training courses on a computer or mobile device.

Provide group training

Provide any course to multiple people in a classroom or group lecture setting.