PCC Compressed Air Conveyor


PCC Compressed Air Conveyor

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Vacuum generation within this type of pneumatic conveyor is carried out by compressed air systems. Different from other technologies, this system has a low noise level, high flexibility and small footprint. Thanks to vacuum generation technology, the pump feed compressor’s energy consumption is similar to that of electric systems such as side channel blowers or vane pumps.

Nilfisk offers two lines of PCC – pneumatic compressed air conveyors:

  • Standard line – For food, chemical and other industries which require a high level of hygiene. Offering a perfect balance between performance, compactness and low maintenance. This range features pump technology capable of conveying up to 3100 kg/h of powders and granules
  • Premium line – For food and pharmaceutical industry which require the highest level of hygiene. Offering optimal technology and efficiency, the premium line is constructed of AISI 316L stainless steel (other than the gaskets and filter) and can transport up to 2600 kg/h.

Nilfisk conveyors transfer powders and granules within processing or manufacturing machinery in selected quantities and within desired time. The transfer of materials takes place in perfect hygienic conditions, respecting both the environment and the operators’ health.