Provisur Piranha Series
RSBF Piranha Series
RSBF Piranha Series


RSBF Piranha Series

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The Piranha Series is a revolutionary machine designed to do one thing, extract ground meat from your grinder’s bone collector materials. The Piranha efficiently filters the bone from the meat, eliminating unnecessary waste while providing extra product that would otherwise be discarded. Since the product that comes out of your grinder’s bone collector is actually good meat and not bone the Piranha can quickly pay for itself.

Models: 02, 04


  • Turns 90-97% of bone collection material into high-quality ground meat
  • Slow auger speed to preserve product quality
  • Machine-mounted controls
  • Tilting hopper for easy access and cleaning
  • Can accept product from multiple grinders
  • Side ports to accept bone collection tubes
  • Patented Beehive Auto-Cam Technology for consistent and easy setup