Kunkle Safety Relief Valve Model 913 - Fast & Free Shipping!

Kunkle Safety Relief Valve Model 913 - Fast & Free Shipping!

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Kunkle Series 900 safety relief valves safety and relief products
Bronze, steel and stainless steel safety relief valves for air, gas, steam, liquid and vacuum service that meet
ASME Section VIII, ‘UV’; Section I, ‘V’, are National Board certified and PED certified for non-hazardous gas


• Heavy duty cast valve bodies.
• Seats lapped to optical flatness.
• Available with resilient soft seats for superior leak-free performance.
• Standard SS spring for
temperatures to 550°F (288°C).
Optional alloy spring to 800°F (427°C).
• Threaded cap standard (back pressure tight).
Maximum back pressure 50 psig [3.4 barg].1
• Hex on valve nozzle provides for easy
• Warn ring offers easy adjustability.
• Pivoting disc design offers exceptional seat
• Guide to nozzle ratio reduces friction.
• Full nozzle design for optimum flow
• Threaded side outlet for piped off discharge to
eliminate fugitive emissions.
• Each valve tested and inspected for pressure
setting and leakage.

Technical data

Suitable for air/gas compressors, liquid filled pressure vessels/systems, high temperature/pressure hot water boilers, for pressure vessels containing air, gas or steam and process and industrial applications requiring steel/stainless steel construction. Also for vacuum service.


Threaded NPT, BSPT or
Temperature range: -320° to 800°F
(-195° to 427°C)
Pressure range:
3 to 1400 psig
(0.2 to 96.5 barg)
Vacuum range:
6" to 29" HG
(200 to 1000 mbarg)

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