Automatic Bootwash System


Automatic Bootwash System

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CleanDrains - Automatic Bootwash System

Unitherm’s automatic bootwash, is unique in it’s design and build. Unlike others of it’s kind, the Unitherm boot wash is fully cleanable, and eliminates any harboring ground for bacteria growth. The biggest oversight in the design of these machines is often the cleanability of the machine doing the cleaning. For this reason the Unitherm bootwash is designed so the base is fully open – ensuring that debris cannot be trapped in the washer itself. 

Our engineers specifically designed this system to thoroughly sanitize rubber boots typical in the food industry. As such it is specified in food plants across America like West Liberty Foods and OSI.

The washer features 2 horizontal brushes and 4 vertical brushes. Consideration has been given to both height and length of the brush action. It is not possible to stride through the bootwash without the soles of the boots being scrubbed. A sanitizing solution is metered in the water manifold. The brushes and washing mechanism are activated as the associate enters the boot washer. Operation ceases as the associate leaves the washer. The design allows for traffic to enter from either direction, and brushes reverse to meet the flow of traffic.

For more information as to why Unitherm’s Bootwash is the only cleanable system on the market call us today.

Material of Construction: Stainless Steel

Controls & Sensors: Siemens

Control Panel: NEMA 4X

Stainless Motors: Direct Drive Services

Services Connections: 480V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 10 Amp Water: Mains, 3/4" NPT Watch product video here: